Definition - What does Float mean?

Float is a term is used in various programming languages to define a variable with a fractional value. Numbers created using a float variable declaration will have digits on both sides of a decimal point. This is in contrast to the integer data type, which houses an integer or whole number.

Techopedia explains Float

Programmers will commonly use the term float before the name of a variable. A second line of code can declare a value for the float variable by using the name of the variable, adding the equals sign, and following that with the value. Float variables can change value within a program unless they are declared as constants or static variables.

The float variable is often used to include currency values in a computer program. Programmers can designate the number of placeholders after the decimal by using additional commands on a float variable. In general, floats use the same operators as integers in the same ways. The addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of these variables is fairly straightforward in most cases.
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