Web 1.0

Last Updated: July 17, 2017

Definition - What does Web 1.0 mean?

Web 1.0 refers to the first stage in the World Wide Web, which was entirely made up of web pages connected by hyperlinks. Although the exact definition of Web 1.0 is a source of debate, it is generally believed to refer to the web when it was a set of static websites that were not yet providing interactive content. In Web 1.0, applications were also generally proprietary.

Exactly where Web 1.0 ends and Web 2.0 begins cannot be determined as this a change that happened gradually over time as the internet became more interactive.

Techopedia explains Web 1.0

Since 2004, Web 2.0 has been the term used to describe the social web, where social networking sites hold a prominent place in users' online activities. The shift to this more interactive web from Web 1.0 generally occurred as a result of technological changes that made the internet – and the ability to develop content – more accessible. These changes include broadband internet, better browsers, AJAX and the mass development of widgets. In Web 2.0, applications are also more likely to be open source, providing users with a greater ability to influence the web.

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