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Take a look at this infographic to understand this historic migration of software development practices from the waterfall to new DevOps...

INFOGRAPHIC: Celebrating 6+ Decades of Software Development Methodologies

Here are the top 5 eBooks for experts who want to improve their skills at machine learning.

Online Learning: Top 5 eBooks for Machine Learning Experts

While education efforts have gained steam in recent years, many observers are noting that coding is not high on the list of priorities for...

Coding: The Key to Getting More Women into Tech

To achieve digital compliance, agencies must evaluate all the sites under their care and make the necessary modifications to ensure that...

Web Accessibility: Why Digital Agencies Need to be ADA Compliant

While autonomous vehicles may curb pollution, save lives and replace human error there are still many speed bumps to navigate.

Are These Autonomous Vehicles Ready for Our World?

As organizations become more adept at capturing, storing and analyzing data from numerous sources, they are finding previously untapped...

How Low-Code Development Will Bring Data Science to the Masses

There’s a lot to learn from Hemingway, and his writing tips can help to improve your writing, as well (even if your writing is code.)

How To Write Code Like Ernest Hemingway Would

The National Museum of Computing needs to track the continuous health of important technological artifacts before disaster strikes—they...

How This Museum Keeps the Oldest Functioning Computer Running

What is an AI strategist? It's an interesting question, particularly in how AI is reshaping the business world and revolutionizing how...

Job Role: AI Strategist

Is a security-by-design approach the best way to limit IoT cybersecurity risks in the workplace? We asked the tech experts to weigh in.

Straight From the Experts: How to Limit Cybersecurity Risks with Workplace IoT Devices

It’s time to have a look at agility and security methods, their strength, weaknesses and historical uses, and the newer approaches that...

Agility Versus Security: Is Finding a Compromise Still Necessary in 2019?

The digital universe is changing. What new tools should programmers familiarize themselves with to keep up with the times?

Five Programming Tools for 2020 and Beyond

Learn how functional programming languages emerged from the academic context and are now finding a lot more practical applications.

Functional Programming Languages: Past, Present and Future

Learn how to optimize your ads for Google’s AMP technology to maximize the user experience and drive even more engagement.

What Your Marketing Team Needs to Know about Google Responsive Display and AMP Ads

Find out how FSM has influenced our gaming experience so far. But beware! Get ready for high levels of pop-culture nostalgia!

Finite State Machine: How It Has Affected Your Gaming For Over 40 Years

ML algorithms can make life and work easier, allowing us to working faster – and smarter – than entire teams of people. However, there are...

Reinforcement Learning Vs. Deep Reinforcement Learning: What’s the Difference?

Learn what the software experts say about the best functional programming languages and what you need to learn now to land that big job...

Straight From the Programming Experts: What Functional Programming Language is Best to Learn Now?

C is one of the most enduring programming languages in history. Learn about its many changes over time, plus why powerful technology waves...

C Programming Language: Its Important History and Why It Refuses to Go Away

SQL is an essential part of most databases’ operations, but are you backing it up properly? Here we look at SQL backup issues that can trip...