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Web Roundup: Lawsuits, Smartphones and Social Networks… Oh My!

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Mobile companies still struggle to keep up with the big time giants, while other large tech companies fight to the end in court.

Today, more people are accessing the Internet than ever before. Although the information highway makes life a lot faster, it also exposes consumers and companies to threats. Learn more about what’s being done to stop these threats and move the market forward in this week’s web roundup.

The Federal Trade Commission Wins Against T-Mobile

Remember the "cramming" claim filed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against T-Mobile last July? It stated that T-Mobile stuffed unnecessary charges into customer bills. Although the mobile giant originally tried to play the lawsuit off as "unfounded and without merit," the tables have turned. Now, T-Mobile has settled with the FTC for at least $90 million. That’s good news for T-Mobile users who were affected by the practice.

Amazon’s New Smartphone Could Be Delayed

The release of the Fire Phone was met with mediocre response. So mediocre, in fact, that the Amazon CEO called it a "smart failure." The firm reportedly lost $437 million on the release. Now, Amazon appears to be taking a step back and using all of 2015 to revamp their next Fire Phone. The launch date will probably not be until 2016, if the rumors are true.

Blackberry is Struggling to Make a Comeback

Another smartphone manufacturer is also struggling to make a comeback — Blackberry. Reports show that Blackberry is releasing a new phone that takes the company back to the start. The Blackberry Classic has the traditional keyboard that users found so addicting. Still targeting the business users, Blackberry hopes to recoup some of the market share they lost when Apple and Android took the smartphone market by storm.

Facebook is SO Out These Days

Facebook continues to lose the popularity contest among teenagers, according to new reports by Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc. Teens between the ages of 13 and 17 are using this once-dominant social network less and less these days. In fact, their popularity score dropped from 95% in 2012 to 88% in 2014. On the other hand, Twitter has creept up in popularity, rising from 46% to 48% in this same demographic. Facebook hasn’t commented on the drop publicly yet.

Support Scammers, Beware

Microsoft could be coming after you! For years, Microsoft and their customers have been the targets for scammers. The way it works is a fake company will contact unsuspecting consumers with the tip that there’s a virus on the computer. They offer to fix it over the phone for a fee. All they need is a credit card. Many people have fallen for the scam and now, Microsoft is fighting back by filing a lawsuit against Omnitech Support for unfair business practices and deceptive marketing.


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