What Does DevOps Mean?

The term DevOps is commonly considered a combination of the concepts of development and operations. It is used in IT to refer to roles or processes that bridge various departments – usually development and operations teams – to achieve a certain project management philosophy that involves more efficiency in communications between development teams and other parts of a greater business or organization.


Techopedia Explains DevOps

Some explain DevOps as a byproduct of Agile development, a design theory aimed at cross-functional development and the examination of code iterations for efficiency. DevOps also may be described as a link between development, quality assurance (QA) and other departments. Another aspect of DevOps is a phenomenon in which skilled professionals automate formerly manual processes, where developers become users of their own software, and manual labor related to an infrastructure becomes unnecessary. New technologies, like cloud computing, have expanded what is possible in DevOps, and the approach has become popular in the tech community.

As DevOps becomes more popular in IT, public forums and conventions have rallied around this central idea. Many experts are talking about ways to use DevOps to streamline operational efficiency or improve working relationships across large organizations.


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