Why is MYRO’s Price Surging? Solana Meme Coin Up 540% in 30 Days

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Solana-based meme coin Myro (MYRO) has caught the attention of investors and enthusiasts with its outstanding price performance. 

Within just 30 days, MYRO has experienced a staggering 540% increase in its market value, which has left many wondering about the factors fueling this extraordinary rally.

MYRO price chart

Source: CoinMarketCap

Over the past week, the token has gained around 80% and another 12% over the past 24 hours. Overall, MYRO has rallied by a whopping 3,606% over the past year.

The token is currently the 290th largest cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap, with a market capitalization of around $136 million. It has a circulating supply of around 944 million coins and a maximum supply capped at 1 billion MYRO tokens. 

Key Takeaways

  • MYRO, a meme coin on the Solana blockchain, has surged 540% in market value within a month, reaching the 290th position on CoinMarketCap with a $136 million market cap.
  • The token has seen increased trading volume, market capitalization, and positive investor sentiment, while its plan to introduce staking sets it apart from typical meme coins.
  • Factors driving this rally also include social media exposure, celebrity endorsements, and the overall growth of the Solana ecosystem.

What is MYRO?

Emerging as a memecoin, MYRO shares similarities with other popular tokens like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu but stands out due to its foundation on the Solana blockchain. 


Solana is known for its high throughput and lower transaction fees, distinguishing MYRO from its counterparts built on networks like Ethereum.

It is worth noting that the meme coin is named after the pet dog of Solana co-founder Raj Gokul. According to the token’s website, it has come in response to the popular demand for dog-based narratives in the crypto space.

MYRO has been listed on several cryptocurrency exchange platforms, including KuCoin, Bitget, and MEXC, and is also available on decentralized exchanges like Raydium and Orca.

What is Behind MYRO’s Price Surge?

The significant rally in the price of MYRO can be attributed to several factors. Here are some of the more notable ones:

1. Social Media and Celebrity Endorsements

Like many meme coins, MYRO’s surge in popularity and value is partially due to its growing presence on social media platforms. Specifically, the token has been appearing widely on posts on X (formerly Twitter).

Endorsements from influential figures and celebrities have also generated interest among investors, contributing to its rapid price increase. For one, crypto influencer Ben Armstrong has recently suggested the token is “heading to a top 100 meme coin.”

2. Solana Ecosystem’s Growth

Based on the Solana blockchain, MYRO benefits from the expanding interest in Solana’s ecosystem, known for its high transaction speed and scalability. The overall growth of Solana has indirectly boosted the value of MYRO.

In the first week of January, Solana surpassed Ethereum in a 7-day stablecoin trading volume for the first time. At the time, the value of stablecoin transfers on Solana reached a staggering $103 billion last week, outperforming all other networks.


In addition to stablecoin trading volume, Solana also surpassed Ethereum in NFT trade volume for the month of December. Degen News said Solana hosted trades worth $366.6 million, while Ethereum recorded $353.2 million.

3. Increased Trading Volume and Market Capitalization

The trading volume and market capitalization of MYRO have seen significant growth. For instance, its trading volume increased by 110% in a single day, surpassing $60 million, while its market capitalization doubled within a week.

4. Investor Sentiment and Speculative Trading

The memecoin market is known for its volatility, largely driven by investor sentiment and speculative trading. Positive market sentiment and increased investor interest have likely contributed to MYRO’s price rally.

5. Introduction of New Utilities

Unlike typical meme coins, MYRO plans to introduce functionalities like staking, which adds more substance to its offering beyond just being a thematic investment.

MYRO Price Predictions: Will the Rally Last?

Looking ahead, some experts are bullish on MYRO, expecting the token to resume its upward movement as the Solana ecosystem continues to grow and expand.

For one, CoinCodex, which provides detailed MYRO price predictions for the years 2025 to 2031, expects the token to hit a high of $0.190439 in 2025, $0.344152 in 2026, and $0.522734 in 2030. 

Likewise, the PricePrediction.net website offers a detailed MYRO price. The site uses deep artificial intelligence-assisted technical analysis of past price data of MYRO to make these predictions. 

The website expects MYRO to reach an average price of $0.0665 by the end of 2025 and $0.4225 by 2030.

Moreover, CoinCheckup predicts a 7-day high of $0.1539, a one-month high of $0.1468, and a three-month high of $0.1469. In the next six months, it forecasts MYRO to reach $0.1647 and as high as $0.1838 over the next year. 

However, an important reminder is that a cryptocurrency’s past performance does not guarantee future returns.

With this in mind, we urge readers to do their own research (DYOR) and to be mindful of fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) when investing in cryptocurrencies. Remember, cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile and considered risky investments.

The Bottom Line

MYRO has experienced a staggering 540% increase in its market value within a month.

While the rally can be attributed to factors like social media influence, Solana’s growing popularity, and speculative trading, it is also a testament to the growing popularity of the meme coin.


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