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We know that the number of women in tech is way too small. What we don't know is why. Here's what women told us.

International Women's Day: We Asked Why There Aren't More Women In Tech

The challenges in 2020 and beyond that Identity and Access Management addresses may turn out to be footnotes — or may change the way we...

3 Identity and Access Management Trends for 2020

A guide to what data architects do in modern enterprise IT. Sometimes these professionals seem like the unsung heroes of their departments,...

Job Role: Data Architect

Whether it's a business looking to hire someone or a student trying to decide what to major in, there is a lot of confusion about the...

Computer Science and Information and Communications Technology: What's the Difference?

Previously, it was necessary to physically attend an institution of higher learning to earn an undergraduate degree in any discipline. But...

Computer Science: Top 5 Online Undergraduate Degree Programs for Higher Learning

The network administrator is the connector of pieces and the guardian of the network as a whole, but they are also a lot more.

Job Role: Network Administrator

Since the 2001 introduction of the Agile term in the context of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, nearly two decades ago,...

Should You Always Aspire to be Agile?

What is an AI strategist? It's an interesting question, particularly in how AI is reshaping the business world and revolutionizing how...

Job Role: AI Strategist

It’s not just advances in technology that are making highly capable robots affordable, but a new business model can put them within your...

RaaS and IoT: Delivering Economical and Efficient Solutions to Your Business

Many companies want BI - even if they don't entirely understand it. Find out what business intelligence is and how it works.

Business Intelligence: How BI Can Improve Your Company's Processes

Learn what the biggest cybersecurity threat facing the healthcare industry is right now and what we can do about it.

The Growing Cybersecurity War on the Healthcare Industry

Do you know what your company can do to improve its data management and processing over the coming year? These 5 tips will help.

Top 5 Ways to Organize the Data You Need in 2020

If you make the right choices, getting into information systems management today is simpler than it sounds. Learn how.

5 Tips for Getting Into Information Systems Management

We’ll cover the 5 biggest IT fears that hopefully won’t rise from the dead and haunt your home or office this Halloween season.

5 IT Nightmares to Beware of this Halloween and Beyond

It’s time to have a look at agility and security methods, their strength, weaknesses and historical uses, and the newer approaches that...

Agility Versus Security: Is Finding a Compromise Still Necessary in 2019?

A look at the role of a machine learning engineer

Job Role: Machine Learning Engineer

As AI grows increasingly central to business operations, the question to explore is: what impact can AI have on gender gaps and the...

AI in the Workplace: What it Means to the Gender Wage Gap in 2019

Think that Seattle or Silicon Valley are the best places for techies to work? They are for some people, but not for everyone. Many other...

The Best Places in the World to Work in Tech

In the broadest sense, the business intelligence analyst is responsible for working with business intelligence data, creating insights and...