Collaboration Software

What Does Collaboration Software Mean?

Collaboration software enables the sharing, processing and management of files, documents and other data types among several users and/or systems. This type of software allows two or more remote users to jointly work on a task or project.


Collaboration software is also known as collaborative software, online collaboration software and groupware.

Techopedia Explains Collaboration Software

Collaboration software is primarily designed to enhance productivity within a group of individuals and, more specifically, within organizations. This is achieved through the coordinated tasks processing and management capabilities provided by this type of program.

With collaboration software, users each create a workspace and add data and/or workflows to it. The created workspace is viewable and accessible by all other users, regardless of their physical location, and can be given access to the workspace by its primary user. Any changes made to the data or files are synced across all users by the collaboration software, ensuring that everyone has the most updated version of an ongoing project.

In the case of cloud-enabled collaboration software, the same data is hosted and accessible directly from the software host site. Lotus Notes, Microsoft Groove and SharePoint are popular examples of collaboration software.


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