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From big data for house cleaners to the ebb and flow of mobile technology, we've got it all here on this week's roundup of top stories from around the Web.

There’s no doubt that the world of technology is fast-paced and constantly changing. Keeping up can seem almost impossible. In this week’s tech roundup, we look at how small businesses should jump on board when it comes to harnessing the power of data, the latest breakthroughs in mobile technology, and how wearable tech continues to take the world by storm.

Small Businesses Better Listen Up

There’s lots of buzz around big data, that’s for sure, but many small businesses have put their digital ear muffs on to block out the stories of how big data is helping businesses thrive. For years now, it’s been a common notion that big data is just for big business. Not the case. Now, more savvy small businesses, even house cleaners, according to a story in Entrepreneur.com, can use the technology to go from good to dominating their market. It’s that kind of mainstream adoption that tells you that a technology’s really caught on. (Learn more in 5 Real-World Problems That Big Data Can Solve.)

Band-Aids for Smartphones?

Samsung released images of the Galaxy S5 design on February 5th. Although many people are impressed with the new model, some think it looks strikingly similar to last year’s model, while others are comparing the new gold design to that of a Band-Aid. Fortunately, there’s a lot more beneath that rubbery tan backing; this phone allows users to exchange the battery or add more storage with ease. (Check out some other examples of questionable smartphone esthetics in The 10 Weirdest iPhone Cases – Ever.)

Distracted Driving Goes Virtual

At least that’s what lawmakers believe, and it’s why Google is fighting new lobbyists in three states. The problem? The oh-so-distracting nature of Google Glass. That’s right! Lobbyists are trying to stop drivers from being able to lawfully wear Google Glass and other types of wearable technology while behind the wheel, according to Reuters. No laws are in place – yet. One side claims that Google Glass is perfectly safe to wear as long as it’s not operating, while the other side argues that there is no way to prove whether the technology is operating when the police pull someone over. Looks like this could be a long battle. At least those on one side of the debate can check email and argue at the same time.

Samsung Goes on the Hunt

Not to be left behind, Samsung is on the hunt for more developers, according to TechCrunch, preferable those with fashion sense. The company is looking to make a bigger move into the wearable tech industry, and is openly recruiting wearable technology developers to help the company cook up the next can’t-live-without-it gadgets and gizmos. Just please pull the kill switch before you get to smart underwear, OK guys?

Smartphone Sales Leveling Out

With all the new wearable technology coming into play, could smartphones already be on the way out? If the new predictions by research group IDC are any indication, there may be some truth to that notion. New numbers show that smartphone sales growth will begin to decline this year. Although the market’s still growing, the previously rapid explosion of smartphone sales will level out in the near future. Some hope that this decline could also lead to a significantly lower price point for these gadgets in the future. Of course, if something better comes along, who will want them?


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